COVID-19 Journal: Day 44

I have an announcement. The cat and I are getting married. Last night, I was lying on the couch watching Netflix, when he jumped up, and got into Little Spoon. I'm not going to lie. I leaned in and hugged the crap out of him.


I heard a little of his breath expel before I realised it might have been a bit hard. It's always hard to judge because he's a purr machine. Always has been.

Even thought it's a bit confusing because a) he's a cat and b) he's my cat, we've been so close for so long and really, last night just made me realise how he's been showing me affection for all this time and I just didn't realise it was love that's been building and building since we met.

Mum's going to send me something old something new something borrowed something blue and we'll need to get a fish cake from somewhere, but ultimately, it's just about the two of us and our love and desire to be together. I'll be organising a wedding registry at Pets 'R' Us soon and will let you know about that.

Took a great walk with Bex around the Abney Park cemetery. It's lovely in there. There's that... what is it? Cow weed? Something something blooming like crazy. We also noticed there'll be a pub serving "fresh" draught beer with restricted hours, so we're carefully headed for that. I predict it will be mobbed.