COVID-19 Journal: Day 45

You may think it strange if I tell you the highlight of my day was an onion. How could a humble onion be the best thing that happened to me? Well, it depends on the onion, and the day. 

Given that we're in the middle of a global crisis, I'm fucking lucky I have a wondrous treasure trove of fruit and veg around the corner. On my last run, last week, I bought some fancy onions, amongst other things. Oh, and some new potatoes which you may recall I was going to try with raclette. Instead, tonight, I roasted them together with olive oil, salt and pepper. I served them right out the oven with an odd Finnish sweet but spicy mustard -- I've increased my condiment usage, some kind of bonus of all this. I did not put any mustard on the Onions.

Anyway, I had quartered the two fancy Onions. So, eight bits. And THEY WERE SO DELICIOUS. Sweet, salty, onion-y, soft, a little burnt. GOD THEY WERE GOOD. It might be the highlight of the week, apart from my betrothal.

I know potatoes and onions is not a balanced meal, but I don't give a stuff. At least it's not five Krispy Kremes and four pints, amirite? The moral of the story is, if you ever see a plate of onions on a menu -- remember menus -- do yourself a favour and order them. Unless you don't like onions.

The Tiny Disaster Movie Film Festival continues apace. Last night I watched Deep Impact, the story of a big-ass asteroid on an undoubtedly devastating crash course for Earth. 

Humanity scrambles, arks are built, children marry (to get on the ark apparently), etc. My favourite thing about the movie was how clearly and directly both President Morgan Freeman and journalist Tea Leoni explained what was happening and what was going to happen next. Even though I broadly think the UK talking heads are doing a pretty good job, I don't really know, and it still doesn't make me feel like Morgan did. As in, I know what's going to happen next, and I'm a bit scared about it, but at least I feel like I know. 

Next on the bill is San Andreas, starring The Rock, which I've just begun. It's set on the West Coast of the US, which I always enjoy seeing. The possibility of a gigantic earthquake made living there a bit different to other places. I remember enjoying choosing what I should put in my Go bag - don't forget tampons! -- and was really impressed by how the City of San Francisco helped everyone be aware and prepared. My friend Dinah even trained as a first responder. She will be great in that situation, should the need ever arise.

I can't seem to add a picture of the onion because Blogger has updated the editing UI and there's a bug that's preventing me. I'll possibly add later if/when it resolves.