COVID-19 Journal: Day 47

I just caught myself talking out loud to the cats about the magic D-word, dinner, the only word only one of them knows. Oh, that and biscuits. That means it's time to stop doing that and do something different. A constant in my life at the moment is this, so, I'm doing this.

There's another constant too, and that appears to be grazing. Yesterday I made my perfected Guacamole for One with some carrots, tomatoes, corn chips, enough for a meal. I think it was at 4pm? Anne, wise beyond her years, told me it's just one long meal. I made pesto this evening to have for (my) dinner. As I went to put the water on for pasta, I realised actually I was not hungry in the slightest. I have it look forward to tomorrow. All I seem to have to look forward to is what will be eaten next. Normally, this is a joy and pleasure. I enjoy joking that I'm thinking of my next meal as soon as I've finished the last, but now that appears to be smearing. I'm not eating badly, and I'm not eating too much, I'm just eating most of the time because I am not occupied. Perhaps this is a bit like what it's like being old(er).

I was going to make some joke about how I feel quite detached from reality today and how I may well be astrally projecting. But then I remembered that I actually ate quite a lot of (store-bought) hummus and corn chips, enough to pull me back into my corporeal form for the foreseeable. We're all a bit outside our bodies at the moment I think. You need contact and banter and smiles and whimsy and surprise and fucking variety. I'm quite a habitual beast, but I also LONG FOR ADVENTURE.

It's going to be sunny tomorrow. 24'C. It's Early May Bank Holiday something or other too. Bank holiday! Normally that would mean every beer garden in town would be jammed at about 2pm. I miss beer gardens. I think that's one of the first places I'd like to go. Not very adventurous, but, at least it's NOT IN THE HOUSE.

Speaking of older, the thing I liked most on the internet yesterday was a table reading of an episode of Grace and Frankie, a show I laugh at even though it's about old people. It's an hour long, so get settled. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are Giants. 

I have everything and nothing to say all at once.