COVID-19 Journal: Day 49

I'm tired now. It's good. The first time for a while I've been proper tired. That's probably because I went for a gigantic ride today and it was great. I went with Chris and John, and our goal was to get to Greenwich Park, which incidentally, I had no idea I could ride to in less than an hour. We headed off. A lovely day. Riding is great, because you don't have to get close to anyone, and you don't have to touch anything. It's really been a revelation how far I can ride here and where I can get to.

We headed loosely for Canary Wharf, and thought we could ride along the river from there to get to the famous Greenwich Foot Tunnel. I didn't remember is was called the Greenwich Foot Tunnel until we were lost in the maze of oubliettes that is Canary Wharf on a bicycle and had to look on a map. Seriously, that place is like Indianapolis plopped onto London. That bit of London is disorienting in general... even though you know the Thames is right there, it's never clear which direction you're facing because the river is extra bendy at that spot. We rode around the Isle of Dogs and peeked and poked around the Thames Path. Eventually we found the tunnel but, you guessed it. Closed. 

Rats! It would have been a quick wander under the river which is fun and a bit scary to the Cutty Sark which I now know is also closed. The whole thing is closed! Everything's closed. But actually, that's not true because this is London and it's irrepressible, like the river itself.

We kept going. East-ish. Got close to the Excel Centre, where the Nightingale Hospital was set up but is now apparently being "placed on standby" next week? It gets really car-y over there, but I remembered I'd been to the Trinity Buoy Wharf to visit an exhibition with Kim that time and there was a sweet little diner that served diner food (which I love) so I dragged the guys there just in case they were serving something.


We got chocolate milkshakes. We sat in the sun for a bit on some appropriately placed deck chairs. We drank our milkshakes. They were delicious. What was most wonderful was that we were just hanging out somewhere not our houses. I couldn't believe it and couldn't stop smiling. 

We had a longish ride home but it was good. I'd say about 70% of the journey I was looking at stuff I'd never seen before. Refreshing.

Liverpool Street Station

Lots of other people were out too (except at Liverpool Street Station). I noticed people were being very polite, and genuine, with each other. Way more small talk than I'd ever initiated or enjoyed with strangers before. As if everyone was just made happier by being social with one another. A couple who were riding with no destination. An American woman also on her bike on the way to Greenwich. ("See you there!" I said.) I really hope that sticks around after the shit. And I hope we remember to relish our tiny victories, like mine today.

Like I said, I'm proper tired, so off to bed. Goodnight to you, too.