COVID-19 Journal: Day 51

Apparently, one celebrates one's 51st wedding anniversary with a blue sapphire. Nobody told me the 51st day gift for me is a period after seven weeks without. My body has used the extra three weeks it's had (for the first time) to grow fifty extra uteruses with which to stun me concurrently. So that's nice.

I suppose I could have been pregnant. A geriatric immaculate birth indeed. I could have got in the news and raised £24M for the NHS like other mundane but standout humans. I could have pretended I was living in Children of Men and my baby was the Only Baby. There are lots of things I could have done, but instead, I'm watching the Darkest Hour in quite a dark front room, from where I type to you, in the dark. I've just had a Nurofen and am eating Cadbury Mini Eggs.

You may have heard that Boris bounced back into a bizarre announcement for the country yesterday. The one I mentioned yesterday but only caught the end of. I have since reviewed the actual speech he gave, and remain somewhat discombobulated, per Sherlock Holmes brawling a large piece of meat in Ritchie's version.

It is a basic good that you can read that speech online though, isn't it? Unfortunately though, I've just cast Johnson and his people as Sherlock Holmes and me, us, as a big piece of meat, so... we might be a bit fucked. I have no idea how frightened and frustrated I would feel if I still lived in the USA.

Remarks by President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing 

You're leading the way in fucking DEATHS, you monster.

The good news is I'll be able to sit on a long bench with my friend and have a chat. But apparently not with any couples I know. Unfortunately the government has now developed muscles writing a shitload of web content for everyone to sift through favouring detail over terseness, which is the thing, at this time, what everyone is looking for. I am all in favour of showing sketches early - in fact,  I claim this my style - but perhaps I'd think twice if I was providing guidance for an entire nation on what I need people to do. I mean, we've all been doing pretty bloody well in terms of obedience, and we're basically placid in it. It would have been OK to say "let's keep going for another 2 months (or whatever)" and we probably would have, mostly. Instead, we're presented with a confusing shift, and IFs and we will listen to The Science and keep measuring everything, which is not intrinsically wrong. Everything is still tenuous, but here is the 3,614 words outlining what we can and cannot do that comes into effect on Wednesday. (I've read it and it's clearly written actually. There is just a lot. But that's good. Answering all the polite people who are calling Radio 4 to ask if it's OK if they go to the allotment twice a day, etc.) I suppose other countries trying to peek above the wall will also show how or whether we could or should expect another peak. Not that that's a reason for us to sit on our hands. That's not good either. But, we've shown that we're capable of waiting it out, and I, for one, would be OK to wait longer. And this tone of 'everyone decide for yourselves' is irresponsible. Some of us will decide more than others, and if we're left to interpret unclear or long rules, it won't be good. Shit.

It's so hard. I do wish there was more directness though. And less celebrating successes because 284.000 deaths is a catastrophe.

Here's something I ate today: