COVID-19 Journal: Day 54

Day 54 is an auspicious day. There's really only one particular piece of news worthy of this journal.

At about whatever the fuck time it was (4:30pm, I found out), I decided to have dinner. I took myself to Trieste, that fantastical-yet-actual place that's one of those interesting crossroads places, like Istanbul, which I adore. I mean I adore Istanbul, and crossroads places.


I had raclette. I had potatoes. I had pesto left from the other day even though I'd had tagliatelle alla pesto the other day for breakfast or whenever the heck. I boiled those freakin' potatoes but not so they were breaking up. I took the pesto out of the fridge, and the raclette. I also have a community announcement which is don't believe you have to get one of those bullshit raclette contraptions. You don't. You can just grill it under your grill, the grill that we all have.

Before Grill

Spoon looks a bit weird but don't worry it's only pesto

I wasn't even hungry in the slightest but it was still really fun and tasty. I have now begun fasting here and there because, and I emphasise this again - even though I'm eating healthily, I'm just eating more than I need. So, I went out with a fucking BANG, and with FUN, so thank you Switzerland. Or wait it's Italy isn't it.