COVID-19 Journal: Day 56

Yesterday I'd thought ooh today will be post 56 and 56 is my favourite not-single digit number so I'll do a big post that contains some philosophy, interesting tidbits, original reflections on what it means to live in a pandemic as a middle class white person and stuff like that.

Now it's 23:44 and I'm only just writing this now so that idea will not be happening today.

I had a lovely chat with Chris in the sunny Olympic park with a lemonade and some Monster Munch chips. It's not clear what they're actually made of. It's more like a "substance" with "flavouring". But that junk was redeemed by Chris' gift of some lovely hen's teeth mangoes. Got me thinking about the new little trade routes that are happening now. I've become a bamboo trader. Another first. Yay, pandemic!

Might go for another giant ride tomorrow.

For dinner this evening I had what's possibly my first junk food of the pandemic? It's a guilty pleasure I get sometimes - an el cheapass frozen pizza from the corner shop. I enhanced this one with mushrooms. It doesn't make any sense as there's a very good pizzeria about equidistant from my house that's doing takeaway.

Why did I do that?!?