COVID-19 Journal: Day 57

When all this shit first began, it was cute. I'd potter around the house making notes about what I wanted to write about that day. Sometimes, I'd have too many things to string together in a post, and stuff might have to wait until tomorrow or get lost on a shopping list or that profound note to self.

I don't do that anymore. Instead, I just open the laptop and start typing. It normally starts with a thought, like that one I just had about how I used to do it.

I'm watching telly. Again. There's a series of Australian women standup shows on Amazon Prime and so far I have seen Celia Pacquola and Anne Edmonds. I enjoy women standups, and it's even better if they're Aussie because I miss the way FUCK OFF or GET FUCKED sound when an Australian woman says them. It's the best. Plus then you get the Aussie take on things, which is obviously superb. And yes, you're catching on, this is also an oblique self-compliment. I have to do that because I'M BY MYSELF.

Stuff that happened today which may or may not be noteworthy but are about to become so includes:
  • I had a fantastic supper. It was one of those mangoes from Chris. I had that, and a ginger tea made with actual ginger. It was absolutely delicious and I should possibly have savoured it a little bit more than I did. Who knew a fucking mango and a pandemic could make you feel excited, exotic, and feral all at once.

  • I continued to try to get the FUCKING BAMBOO out of my soon-to-be veggie patch. It's annoying and I'm a bit tired of it now, but am also beginning to look forward to a tiny veggie patch.
  • I've started listening to Toni Morrison read me Beloved. I did snooze a bit during it though because I was on a sunny sofa, not because of the story, so may have to rewind.
  • Made two Boxes. We had two orders last week! Taiwan and USA. I've also been working on a printed version of the Instruction Manual which I've been enjoying. We should have done that ages ago. I did plan to ages ago, but it got lost, so it's nice to return to.
  • It's been a day where I've been in lots of different positions in the house. I've done lots of bitty things, most of which aren't worth mentioning.
  • It's going to be a sunny week. That's not something that happened today.
At the beginning of the year, a dear friend planned ahead a series of get-togethers for a bunch of friends. It is a lovely idea! Something each month to look forward too. I've seen three of them pass by now, and I'm sad about that and it can GET FUCKED. But, I'll be seeing a couple of friends this week within the rules. It'll be great, but I'm still FUCKED OFF about missing the lovely things that had been arranged mostly to be something to look forward to.

The last thing I'm FUCKED OFF about is that I guess I hadn't even really though properly about the basic logistics of how we need a vaccine before we can get back to normal. Mostly. I feel like I'm an idiot for not even working that through without Chris mentioning it nonchalantly, but I'm also FUCKED OFF too because it makes me afraid of how long we're going to have to do this. I was cheered by a recent official Dutch announcement that single people should find themselves a seksbuddy for the foreseeable. I have a short list, and am trying to work through how the FUCK to open that conversation.

Will for suresies keep you posted on that.

Here's the cat:

The Cat