COVID-19 Journal: Day 59

This week is the first busier work week I've had for ages. I have a new consulting gig which will bring much need cash, and much needed focussed distraction from the Bore.

Today I've noticed my mind reaching for multiple but haphazard inputs. Like listening to something while I'm watching something, or listening to a book while writing something, or writing something while I'm watching something, or having the radio on the in background while all that other stuff is happening. I'm not modulating well. I took a break at 3ish to stand in the sun for 10 minutes. That felt much clearer.

My grazing game was strong today: coffee, banana, orange, chicken & avocado wrap, chocolate, cheese on crackers, apple, tea, and THEN. I wasn't even hungry but was feeling sombre so then I got MY FIRST LOCKDOWN DELIVERY.

My first Deliveroo. Came in literally 14 minutes. I have leftovers. It was expensive and delicious and SOMEONE ELSE MADE IT.

I've been bored of my food, and I'm at the end of a shop, so this was justified. And, it was also great to remember how expensive and luxurious it is to do it. It's not that I'd do it every night before, but, I like being reminded that it's a luxury. I feel like I should have not et for a day beforehand to savour it more. Perhaps I'll do that another time. A couple of Brits I know say 'et' as in ate, but I don't know how to spell it. I'm guessing it's not 'et'. I'm not certain I'm using it correctly.

A nice work-y thing just happened too. Charlie and I had prerecorded a video for #MuseumsShowoff, which we just watched online with about 200 other folks. (We're on at 32:30.) Loads of Twitter activity etc, and the other presentations were fun too. Lovely to have a bit of dopamine for our trouble. Thanks Charlie, for wrangling.



And now I'm watching Captain Marvel, digesting.