COVID-19 Journal: Day 60

For a second there, I thought I had nothing to worry about. I've stopped listening to the daily politician and expert announcements. This morning when I flicked on the radio in the kitchen as I do every morning, my ears caught on by the virus talk because I hadn't been listening. We are just getting on with it. People are now operating within the pandemic context. The people who aren't sick or dead, I mean. Most of us are now able to avoid the horrors of having it or treating people who have it. But, I am not a parent, and I do know a lot of the parents I know are very worried about what's happening and being said about the kids going back to school here. My nephews in le Schweiz are already back.

I'm not especially waiting. I don't really feel like I have been waiting really at all in this, actually. That's because waiting implies something that's to come.

That's why the post I received today was an utter and delightful surprise. My friend, the Reverend, wrote me a beautiful letter to congratulate me and The Hubby on our nuptials. The Hubby has been spending a lot of time under the couch, but I showed him the letter. He was nonchalant, yet appreciative. The Reverend also makes beautiful algorithmic drawings using a plotter and sent me a couple of those too. Result!

I went to my ice cream home, my ice cream centre today. I've been exploring new territories, but decided to go home with a Classic Almond Magnum. It was absolutely delicious. A workman who was resting commented on the it and how much I was enjoying it as I wandered past. I could only offer a MmHmm in response because I'd just taken a big bite. It was hot, and he was probably envious (but pleasant!). Yum yum!

The Classic Almond Magnum

Huh. I feel like I just wrote a pretty normal My Summer Holidays blog post. Except for the short death section. Sideways glance.