COVID-19 Journal: Day 63

Have you ever played that game, Fuck, Marry, Kill? It's a very rude game mostly played by rude people who are drunk. You put three semi-random people, often celebrities, in a list, and assign one of the categories to each. For example, I'd fuck Lord Kate, marry Dolly Parton, and kill D*minic C*mmings. Get it?

Today, it was windy as fuck. Odd and fun. I chose to walk the 40 mins to meet Laura for a distant walk. As I walked, I began to play the game Fuck, Marry, Kill with all of the other people on the footpath (by myself). They mostly slid down the slippery slope to KILL. I'm happy to walk off the footpath and into the road to give people room, especially if, say, there's a couple with a pram and a dog or an older person. It's easier for me to do that than stress about closeness. It's men, and yes, they're ALL men so far, who walk up the middle of the sidewalk, and don't even try to be two metres. I'll marry the couple with the pram and the dog, fuck the man runner who does accommodate me, and kill the fuckwit who doesn't give a shit.

The clouds were nice today. Sun showers and windy make big fluffy numbers.


Unfortunately, I made a mistake on my way home. It was after almost four hours walking around (and killing several people when we had to be on the canal for a bit). I stopped at a little place called Oren. It's a newish restaurant run by a guy from Jerusalem, and the food was excellent when I went there for brunch in The Before. As I went past, I noticed they were serving: Jerusalem Mix Grill, Sabich, Strawberries and Cream, Negroni, Challah Loaf, Vats of Hummus, etc. I ordered the mixed grill, because I'd been thinking of going to the best Turkish joint -- Umut 2000 -- which was also on my way home and getting their mixed grill, but stopped at Oren instead. I didn't mind waiting the 10 mins.

I got it, and went to the square just across the way to eat it. It was in a pita with tahini and it smelt delicious. I tucked in.

I think they put the chicken at the top TO HIDE THE LIVER. There was liver. They forgot to put "LIVER" on their shitty little cute shitty pandemic chalkboard. I took a big bite and it was FUCKING LIVER and it was GROSS. I mean... I've eaten liver p√Ęte, and I tried the chopped liver when I went for brunch, and, I don't mind those, even though I might not leap to them. But dang. Get a big lump of liver in your mouth and see if you can enjoy it. All the tahini on Earth couldn't hide it. Ugggghhh.

Next time, I'll get the sabich, because that is a masterstroke (and vegetarian).

Also, side note, I've actually done way too much exercise in the last two days. Two hours biking, four hours walking? That's just stupid. I'm knackered and stiff as hell.