COVID-19 Journal: Day 65

Not too much to say today. I had to work (and didn't mind) because there's a grant deadline tomorrow.  Hopefully this one works, otherwise I'm pretty worried for the company.

The good news is I made a tremendous salad. Definitely in the godly pantheon of salads, the Salade Niçoise. Tuna, green beans, potato, soft boiled egg, olives, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, salt, pepper and a red wine vinaigrette. It's so delicious. Every bite is a slightly different variation. I was so excited I made one that probably would have fed two people, but hey, it's a global pandemic, so I should probably stick to the rules and stay at home.

Behold! The Salade Niçoise

I also watched Dominic Cummings give a prepared statement on why the fuck he drove to Durham to celebrate Easter with his family, and took a day trip to a castle up there on his wife's birthday.

Madam, how like you this play?

The lady protests too much, methinks.

He's like a dazzle ship. He's spewed so much bullshit about how and why he broke the rules that it'll take everyone considerable energy to prove he's talking shit. And to what end? Imagine anyone else being accused of wrongdoing -- which this is -- saying "I disagree" or "I think I was being reasonable".

This is the RMS Olympic (c. 1918) - The identical sister ship to the Titanic
Public Domain Review

Here's the full transcript of his statement. And here is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom telling us his actions are defensible and to wash our hands and we'll open the shops soon, after he read the numbers of infected, hospitalised and dead people across the country. Today, it's 36,914 people dead here.

Unless I'm missing something, Cummings will not be leaving, and will suffer no penalty, even though what he did is arguably actually against the law. It's obvious he's found a loophole about childcare, and it's even uglier that it was in a regulation written to protect kids from abusive situations.