COVID-19 Journal: Day 66

I hope you're going to be able to hear my tiny violin over the shitstorm.

Work sucks - we're taking a beating. It's really weird and very unstable. Started the day completing and submitting a new grant, with a fun and keen group of museums. There's hope, as usual. But that hope has taken a good kicking over the last few days, to the tune of about £90k worth of possible stability disappearing. Part of that was going to be a major grant we were a part of getting shut down because of the pandemic. All attention from the funder was pulled across all active grants, and redeployed in crisis fund management. It's hard to be critical of this, because certainly people and organisations in crisis should be helped, but I also feel like that is a bit of a rhino move, and that the disruption caused by jettisoning all those carefully planned grants will probably cause even more chaos. It's upsetting, perhaps even more, because our contribution to that work was going to be our first real demonstration of the capacity we've built over the last four years - 50 boxes, national, 12 months. Boom. Gone. The other one, well, the feedback was we can't give you any feedback because we got too many applications to give you feedback.

I'm also worried because what was initially generosity -- and still is, in spirit, for sure -- in the form of the various "holidays" people have been given are really just credit in disguise, and debt will be piling up all over the world, including in my tiny business, and therefore, my life.

I won't say much more than that, I think, since, today the shitstorm has blown the hardest and quite suddenly, so I'm feeling properly bewildered.

A bit like the entirety of the UK as it attempts to pick that shitful man's "testimony" apart, in disbelief, disarray, and disgust.

I will say it was nice to see a bit of the UI I designed for the Wayback Machine back in 2010 or so get its day in the sun, as the enterprising data chap uncovered that Shitful doctored a March 2019 post on his own blog in April 2020 to fake prescience. Sucker asshole. It's that little navigator at the top of the Wayback Machine, that lets you look around various archived versions of the website. It's stretched another 10 years worth since I did the layout, but nice to see in the shitstorm.

I envied the cat, in his favourite place...

Hubby v The World

...and soothed myself with Guacamole for One:

Guacamole for One