COVID-19 Journal: Day 67

A few friends asked me how I was today, and I declined to answer, politely. Because I don't know. I feel better than I did yesterday, but oddly tired. I've been thinking today about George Floyd, the man who is about my age who was murdered in broad daylight in Minneapolis by a policeman who kept his weight on George's neck for nine minutes as three other police officers stood watching. This was on camera. I'm also thinking how you could just stand and film that for nine minutes instead of trying to stop it. Maybe it's because the cops are so fucking violent and armed that you can't risk your life? But there's no excuse for what they have done. I mean, are they paid up members of the Klan, for fuck's sake?

Katy sent around a document called Anti-Racism Resources for White People. White people, please have a look and try to learn more and listen more and not be OK with this. I've subscribed to three podcasts and am now following some of the listed Twitter accounts, for starters.

I worked. That was good. With a new partner in crime too, which is always interesting. I didn't do yoga. Maybe that's it. Had breakfast. Had lunch. Had afternoon tea on the grass in the shade distant from Chris and his fancy ham. Not a euphemism. It really was fancy ham. I got some fancy French butter and a baguette to go with it. And brought cornichons from home. FUCKING LOVE CORNICHONS. Although I did eat one just on its own after a while and it was a bit much solo.

Rode there. Rode home. My phone ran out of batteries when I was out actually. That was exciting. And I enjoyed riding home a little bit more because of it.

Oh and huh. Almost didn't mention Dominic Cu**ings. I did see something on the internet about him smirking when he got away with that disgusting lying performance in the garden. But that's not the worst part.

Shame on you. Especially stopping yourself from saying "I'm inclined to think there's some truth in it," Boris J*hnson.