COVID-19 Journal: Day 68

This evening we're seeing a slight return to the Tiny Disaster Movie Film Festival after an hiatus. I'd gotten tired of seeing everything exploring and dying and the zombies for a while. And we've become the Tiny International Disaster Movie Film Festival for this season, opening in Norway with Bølgen, when a scary landslide causes a fjord-based tsunami.

I've had a quiet day. I'm not sure where it's gone, to be honest. Chipping away at that bit of consulting work. I also shifted to languidly constructing a Box, which I always enjoy, and this time, I watched Gillian Anderson et al in A Streetcar Named Desire which was the National Theatre's production at the Old Vic, and offered up for us all to enjoy on YouTube because pandemic. Thank you, NT! Actually, I thought Anderson's suuthen axhent was overwrought, but I still enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed that I could watch a theatre show while I calmly put together a Box to be sent off to a curator of Greek archaeology.

There's cake there too. So that was good. Lemon.

I Love You is my test that the Box is working
and I never tire of it.

The truth of it is, I was waiting all day for Katy to tell me she was off to her allotment. We've been trying to catch up there for ages, and finally the stars aligned. It's a 30 min ride there, and I picked up a few beers on the way. It was still warm, and she's done a shedload of work since the last time I was there. I am impressed! We even had sausages on the little barbie. It was heaven. I did some weeding and watering and wandering. Simple and good.

Rode home, a bit grubby from the gardening. Had a vegemite sandwich and now at the festival.

I have no idea what I'm going to do tomorrow.