COVID-19 Journal: Day 100

  1. I have had two splinters. 
  2. I still feel the older one even though it's gone. 
  3. The newer one is still in my hand.
  4. I've had two random cuts on my hands.
  5. My blood is (still) red.
  6. Thor: Ragnarok is my favourite Marvel film by miles.
  7. Telling you my pubes secret is never going to happen.
  8. That was a joke.
  9. I can't remember if I left the house yesterday.
  10. I don't really miss drinking, since I cut back massively last October.
  11. I have bought clothes online even though we're stuck inside.
  12. Last week I did my first Ocado order in 90+ days. 
  13. It was cat food, mostly.
  14. I would have been in Menorca next week.
  15. I'm eating a piece of Cadburys Fruit & Nut.
  16. I hope I can get to 100.
  17. I miss you.
  18. I've listened to more podcasts than music.
  19. One of my favourites is Twenty Thousand Hertz, recommended by Renata.
  20. It reminds me of the old style of blogging, where a geek goes extra deep.
  21. I've listened to all the Criminal ones.
  22. I also like The Kitchen Sisters, recommended by Jenn.
  23. It's about archives.
  24. I love that I learned how easy is to bike around London.
  25. I hope that sticks around.
  26. Are we going to be doing this for another 200 days?
  27. Am I going to be writing this bloody thing for another 200 days?
  28. When is the Mumbling Fascist Cheeto and his running man going to get it?
  29. Imagine if Pelosi and Harris won America.
  30. Boris isn't going to quit, is he.
  31. This might take longer than I thought.
  32. You'll have to excuse my free writing.
  33. I made a delicious salad with tea today: two created carrots, juice of a whole lemon, coriander, one small cucumber.
  34. Christ, I'm only on 34.
  35. Jeff Goldblum is excellent as the Grand Master in Ragnarok, as is Mr. Hemsworth.
  36. I found a new position to hang out in the house. 
  37. It's not very far away from my new favourite kitchen spot.
  38. It's on the adjacent chair, actually.
  39. But I can put my feet up and watch telly on my iPad on the counter.
  40. I've been thinking about buying a car. 
  41. But I don't really need one.
  42. That's a terrible idea.
  43. It might be just because I want mobility and I'm a bit sick of being stuck here?
  44. Ooh! 44! 
  45. I'm definitely wasting a few slots commentating my own progress.
  46. But it's my list and I'm playing by my rules.
  47. I can't believe I'm fucking 47. 
  48. I definitely have that thing where I feel like young adults are probably teenagers.
  49. There's a chance I've mentioned a few of the things on this list in the previous 100 days.
  50. I have no idea what exactly I've talked about in the last 100 days. 
  51. I'll look forward to reading back on it all one day. 
  52. Over half way! 
  53. I'm going to have a wee break and refresh my drink.
  54. That's better.
  55. Have you and yours been making plans for getting back to normal?
  56. My favourite number!
  57. It's not in any of my passwords so there.
  58. I'm thinking of writing a blog post rebuttal to a dumb thing I saw the other day.
  59. I might also use a diary entry to talk about work soon.
  60. Ow.
  61. The cut I got on my finger this afternoon just popped open and it's stinging.
  62. Am I boring you?
  63. I could try to bore you.
  64. Yesterday I tried to do a trick with vinegar to magically extract the splinter and my hand still smells like vinegar.
  65. But not oppressively.
  66. I can't give up now.
  67. Thrice so far though I've thought of doing a joke point and then stopping.

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