COVID-19 Journal: Day 73


I've been gathering things to read and research and thought I'd share them here, for #BlackOutTuesday, instead of putting a black square on the internet.

Listening to more Black voices on Twitter

I've really been enjoying the different ideas and perspectives. Over New Year I did a Twitter cleanse, removing lots of rich white men, and large organisations, which was nice to start with. Now it's better.
It's a start. Quite US-focussed, because I think maybe I'm more familiar with that landscape, having lived there a bit longer than the UK, but also because of media/movies/books etc. I'd like to find more Australian resources too, because I'm Australian, and if you're not Australian, you probably think Australians are racists, and, well, you're right. It's a colony and has a very dark racist history of genocide and oppression and exclusion of indigenous Australians.