COVID-19 Journal: Day 79

Today I cooked. I made lemon almond shortbread cookies and chicken cacciatore.

Every time I bake it's like I've never baked in that I never remember how easy and quick it can be. These babies cooked in seven minutes.

My neighbours came for dinner in the back garden. We had the shortbread with strawberries so delectable I want to weep. I have more for the morning. We're all full. (They've gone.) I'm sitting in the backyard watching the fire until it burns out, so thought I may as well do this at the same time. We had wine. We chatted. Jokes. The cats popped by and around - they've been wanting extra company as well, it seems.

I didn't consume much media today, although I did have the radio set to a station I'd never heard before, called BBC London I think. The DJ that was on first just kept saying she wants to know how I am. Then there was a vox pop call in section and that was... interesting. People from all sides giving their two cents. There was one guy who was advised he only had a few seconds to wind things up before the pips, and he ummmed and arrrd for a bit and I sort of wasn't listening but when he said "and I'm not going to apologise for slavery," the nice DJ said RIGHT THAT'S ALL WE HAVE TIME FOR.