COVID-19 Journal: Day 83

Do you have those days where you really aren't sure when things happened? Perhaps it was this morning. Perhaps it was in The Yesterday. Even if you don't, I do, and here, right now, I'm having a Yesterday moment.

That's also a cheat's way of saying I don't have much to say, and it's midnight and this is silly.

Highlights include:
  • Snagged loads of peonies at a deli when I went for a walk. A first house treat in ages.
  • Pizza for tea!
  • Bundled up the bamboo canes in the yard so I can give them away tomorrow - the garden is almost done! The big work at least. All that's left is digging in the (cured) poo and then I can plant the tomatoes and maybe a few other things. Also hilarious that England's hill to die on is The Garden Centre, and apparently now, the Zoo?
  • I guess I'm also keeping this light because of Mumbling Cheeto Fascist's decision to have his first public rally since lockdown in Tulsa on Juneteenth. He couldn't be more malicious. I want to know who was in the room when this was first communicated as an idea.
  • I watched Douglas by Hannah Gadsby (which I saw live at the Southbank Centre with a bunch of girlfriends back when we could be in auditoriums and it was great) and S1E1 Real Housewives of Atlanta.
I do recall this was my breakfast.