COVID-19 Journal: Day 87

The big news is I had a good laugh at this performance, via Katherine. I especially enjoyed and laughed along with the crowd's reactions. Oh, for crowds that are enjoying something together, especially just dumb funny stuff.

In cricket, in Australia apparently(?), when someone batting gets to 87 runs, it's precarious, because it's 13 runs away from a century and that's a devil's number. I'm telling you that because this is Day 87. I don't really see the days on the posts anymore. I just paste in the last one and change the number. That was an early optimisation. I have no idea how long I'm going to write this for.

The cat and I had a nice lie down when I was listening to Beloved. Also finished episode 14 (the final) of Seeing White. Have you listened to it yet?

One of my beloveds

I also wanted to say the recent news from home was very bad, but I'm probably not going to talk about it anymore, especially not circuitously. It feels very strange to do that given that I'm so far away from who it involves, and I don't want it to feel like this blog knows more about how I feel than they do. It feels better to say this than edit the posts. 

Thank you very much for reaching out to say hi to me, if you did (or will).