COVID-19 Journal: Day 94

I celebrated all bets being off today by visiting Lynsey, and having a barbie in her backyard. I walked the three miles or so to get there with Bex. (There's the contact trace for you while they're trying to get the app together.) The entire event was a pleasure. It was odd in moments because we had no gossip because nothing has happened although everything has. We ate well in the warm evening and laughed a lot together. 

That is my dinner. On a plate that isn't mine. On a table that isn't mine. It includes two salads I did not prepare, and a tasty burger I didn't make. Those are also not my napkins.

It was only once we moved inside because it was getting chilly that I suddenly realised after we were laughing a lot about a joke that had been running all evening which mostly revolved around teasing me that we'd been sitting inside together and laughing a lot. The back door was open, but, we didn't even think. I put my mask on. That felt weird but fine. We weren't at all drunk, so I can only imagine what would be happening for those who are.

Got a car home. My first car ride in at least 94 days.