COVID-19 Journal: Day 96

I took the sun today. The "beach" was covered in painful shamble or scribble or scree or shizzle or whatever it is, which made returning to one's towel from the water disgraceful. But, I filled up my vitamin D requirements, and was able to find a pretty quiet spot and I LOVED IT. I basically spent the day in my pants. Outside.


Drove back to town at dusk via the 'no motorways' option. Impressed that the map also told me speed limits as soon as I passed signs, because I always go a bit faster in new cars.

Now I'm been-in-the-sun-all-day tired.

Listening to In Our Time on Hannah Arendt. That's worth a listen. I was wondering if there could be such things as positive totalitarianism or radical thoughtfulness. I read The Banality of Evil a billion years ago, so will pick up again. I'm a chronic book starter. I still haven't finished Orwell's Notes on Nationalism and that's only half a centimetre thick and it's right next to my bed.