COVID-19 Journal: Day 98

I'm sitting here at 22:12 watching a Marvel movie wondering what to say. I've just scoffed my last Tunnocks Caramel Wafer? I had a glass of milk too? That was after a nice dinner of spaghetti with tomato and bacon?

I've tried to improve my home work setup a bit, since my wrists are so sore. I got an external keyboard and mouse and a thing to put my laptop on. I have lots of chairs and other seats in the house, but none of them seem right. I did a bit of work this afternoon and it was still painful. Dammit. I'm quite comfy now... on the couch with the laptop on my lap. Maybe I should work here. I do like my front room where I work though. I'll figure it out while I hope the wrist thing won't be permanent?

This evening, I did a thing on Zoom, which Gill invited me to attend. We met an American couple, in their home, in a group of about 40. Tiffany is a mixed race Black woman, and Tyler is a white man - they did all the talking until the Q&A at the end. They spent an hour sharing with us the sorts of actions we need to take as white people, and encouraged us a lot that we must speak out if we see something we believe to be racist happening around us, and name it. This feels familiar. We've been asking men to speak out if they witness misogyny or discrimination against women. But there was a phrase that Tiffany used that stood out. That we can unburden people. Share the load, instead of being silent. 

I stayed home today. All I have is a few pictures of food, so instead, I'll share my favourite thing from the internet today: