COVID-19 Journal: Day 74

I'll keep updating the #blacklivesmatter list of books, podcasts, essays, people tweeting and other things I started on Day 73. I've listened to quite a few episodes of Seeing White today, and can recommend it.

Perhaps one day when I'm short on words I'll do a photo splat of fascinating Lunch documentary. I've taken a lot of photos of my lunch over the last 73 days. The bamboo plate below belongs to my neighbour. When it entered my house it had two delicious pork ribs on it which I consumed with glee.

My lunch

I'm enjoying the consulting I'm doing, and today did some sketching, information architecture, and a research interview with someone in the USA. (I wished her safety.) This work is a nice break from the stress I've felt about all the boxes and all of that. It's good to focus on something I can do, and hopefully improve.

In the late afternoon I went for a ride with Nicky all the way to Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. It was a bit nerve-wracking to end up near Parliament Square, where the peaceful #blacklivesmatter protest was still going and lots of people leaving the area. What a strange and tense collision of this pandemic and this needed protest. I'm afraid to be in such a huge group because of the virus. I don't feel good about this. I hope my contribution can be learning more and donating money. I'm nervous for the next couple of weeks after this social solidarity we've seen worldwide has brought us together, some out there in the world.

I'm now watching today's Prime Minister's Questions watching Keir Starmer remain calm as he asks Boris Johnson about track and trace and bilateral action and expressing support for the grief and shock we're all feeling about George Floyd's murder. "The Prime Minister is mistaking scrutiny for attacks." I've been guilty of that, actually, and it's when I'm feeling highly anxious. But, I hope I didn't become petulant?

I wrote to my MP on Monday to request action on releasing the report (PDF) into the demographics of COVID victims. I thanked him for his service and commiserated that he lost to this "dangerous clown".

I don't like it when he says of course the entire country fully supports exactly what we're doing at the moment, because we don't.

I'm not sure what my favourite thing on the internet today is, but I think it's this - WATCH LIVE: Obama holds virtual town hall on policing and civil unrest - because President Obama talks about  police reform and it feels like that's at the heart of all this.