COVID-19 Journal: Day 90

This is definitely a habit now. (This is a boring one.)

I've been watching the Marvel catalogue this week. Maybe for escape. I'm up to Iron Man 2, though did skip ahead to Captain America and Thor after Iron Man. Really hits home how white dudes put themselves int he middle of everything, I must say. 

Anyway. I've enjoyed how Ursula has swerved into my awareness alongside the work of Angela Davis, Audre Lorde, and other Black feminists who have all been imagining different future anarchies in different ways. Tom recommended the BBC documentary about Ursula, which I enjoyed this morning. Who knows? Maybe I'll read one of her books too. 

A cool piece of Lockdown Schwag arrived today from the USA. A celebratory hoodie commemorating the love "battle" between Erykah Badu & Jill Scott on May 9th 2020. It was so great, and at the time, in addition to loving the tunes they played for each other, I was actually excited for being in lockdown, if it was going to mean getting access to this kind of stuff. Both of these women influenced my growing brain when I was young. I may not let it leave the house so it stays pristine.

Cheeky customs kick made this a very fancy purchase, but, it's here and that's the important thing

I don't have much more to say today. Brain is full. Good and bad. Tired. Not enough sleep. Everything's a smeared and I'm wondering how to break the rules and HAVE FUN WITH MY FRIENDS because I'm feeling a bit mad.

This was morning tea or second breakfast.
Note: hair restraint accessories