COVID-19 Journal: Day 102

I moved to the UK on the 1st of October 2014. I picked that date because it's easy to remember, and the start of a quarter. That's why I picked today, the 1st of July 2020 to release our Museum in a Box post about changing phase. Basically, after a bumper first quarter this year, where the online shop we'd spent 2019 preparing was going great guns and we were looking at each other whispering is this going to work?!?, everything went dead. The cultural sector is on fire, schools are unstable, and we have no idea when it'll stabilise or what that will look like. I applied for five grants in that period and was 0% successful. That's it. We have to change it.

So, we're going to lie fallow and wait.

Actually, it feels very positive to do this. It's much better than dying outright. If you're interested in my work blog post about it, by all means.

Needless to say, today was strange. Stranger than most. We were affirmed by friends and customers online. John even said "the world is a better place for companies like yours," which I will take with me for ages. Thanks to all who said hello or liked the news. It's really nice to feel supported during this odd tack. I might write a bit more about why it was great but also why it's been difficult in the longer term, too. The cultural sector is a tough place to create a market - I'm proud we managed to do it. 

I had gelato for lunch, and got rained on, then had some prosecco, then zoomed on the one consistent social zoom I've been a part of, thanks to Alex and her magnetism.

Ricotta & Fig + Tiramisu