COVID-19 Journal: Day 104

Starting, I feel like I don't have too much to say today. I'm trying to switch off my mind about the big change around Museum in a Box we made this week. Trying to block the minutiae for a while.

Turns out delicious Texas BBQ for lunch is a great way to help it along, so I met Chris at a little hole in the wall run by three chefs who love BBQ as much as I do. There was an Argentinian Sausage looking back at me from the menu, so I took the chance to ask the chirpy tall chap who came around the front from the hole in the wall because he couldn't hear anyone. "Tell me about your sausage," I said. He didn't miss a beat, and explained that while he was quite tall he hadn't heard any complaints. And then he took my order (which included the sausage). I left saying I'd see him tomorrow. The beef rib was excellent.

Then we found a brewery close by that was selling cold cans of their beers, so we grabbed a couple and headed for the park. The bench we found was very near a very good picnic memory. We chatted.

I'm a bit worried about tomorrow (when all the pubs open), so I went to Tesco this afternoon. It's a lot more chilled there now. The distancing is habit for everyone there now, so it didn't feel odd anymore. Probably the best thing that happened today was spotting the 8-pack of Tunnocks Caramel Wafers on the shelf, which I promptly grabbed and am now storing in a cool, dry place (and not the fridge).

Apparently it's the weekend now? I would have liked more company this week, but I didn't make that obvious. Quite solitary instead. Grazing, silent, contemplative, apart from the odd Zoom here or there. But the truth is, I'm mostly like that anyway, except the grazing is a bit different.