COVID-19 Journal: Day 106

Today is the windiest day. Even as I woke up and even as I sit and type now, the wind is blowing strong. It's a peculiar moment of storm and stress in lives other than my own as well, including the Mumbling Cheeto Fascist, who stuck to his laughably propagandistic but worryingly tuned script slouched over his podium. 

I took my time accepting an invitation to picnic in Greenwich because of that wind. My general boredom kicked me out in the end, and away I went. I listened to music (quietly) as I rode, instead of a book or podcast and enjoyed it. Shuffle is the best. I had packed a good little picnic of chicken sandwiches made with Tiny Party leftovers and some chips (crisps) we didn't end up eating. I lay around in the sun, which is the perfect thing to do on a Sun-Day.

Pretty stoked my trousers matched the sky

We got an ice cream, natch.

Then it was time to face the wind instruments again, for another hour. I found if I rode in first gear it wasn't too bad. I like it when I can get into the slipstream of some big slowish bloke. They don't like it when I do that, but I do. I feel mischievous. 

This is when I was getting ready to go and put my music on and the light was nice so here you go

Now I'm watching She's Gotta Have It, a classic story about complicated love written, edited and directed by Spike Lee. I'm sure I'm not the only person aspiring to be Nola Darling.

Nola invites all her lovers to Thanksgiving Dinner. Chaos ensues.

Here's the best thing I saw on the internet today: