COVID-19 Journal: Day 109

I've spent the day skimming 30 annual reports to get some numbers to plug into a spreadsheet. I've decided to move the writing/research about arts & culture funding to my work diary blog thingy here: Arm's Length Data?

I haven't left the house for a couple of days. I'll have to go out tomorrow (post office, grocer, at least), and I can't wait for Friday, because I'll have a job, going to Katy's allotment each day to water her veggies until she's back some time the next week. SOMETHING TO DO!

I don't even really know what else I did today except reading annual reports. I enjoyed smelling the rain. Had a lunch that was too brown. Nice Zoom call talking about the arts funding thing. Haven't had dinner. Might watch the last most recent Star Wars tonight. Disney+ keeps on giving. I finished the Marvel situation last week. Watched Frozen II. Not sure why I did that. I'm quite glad I didn't find it awesome, actually. A helpful reminder that I'm a mature, worldly, adult. 

This is normally the point in this writing process where I hit the Add Image button to see if any photos have made their way from my phone through the clouds to my laptop so I can put one in the bloody blog post. It's helpful to remind me what the fuck I actually did today. Let's see...

Oh yeah. I had Rishi Sunak and then the parliamentary session on in the background all afternoon. Jobs, jobs, jobs.

Turns out it was a top mail day! I am a donor to the National Museum of African American Music, mostly caused by the majestic inimitable love of my life, Aretha Franklin, and they sent me a nice letter.

Lovely Dan sent me some of his robot art and some polaroids for my window sill. I spend a lotta lotta time in this spot these days.
Thank you, Dan!