COVID-19 Journal: Day 118

First bubble initiated (and then popped) after a lovely garden dinner at Fiona's. I slept in a single bed for the first time in a while. On the way home I went to  Monmouth Coffee at Borough Market. Enjoyed a flat white watching the other market-goers, ogled cherries and peaches and one of those sausages in a round but didn't buy anything except the coffee and some coffee beans. It wasn't busy, so I might go back next week when the peaches will be even sweeter I'm sure. One of my favourite salads is a mix of peaches, tomato, basil, mozzarella and possibly arugula, plus a balsamic dressing. Summer on a plate!

After an unsettled night's sleep, I napped for three hours this afternoon. I wonder if that's still a nap, or if it's an actual sleep. I felt refreshed. Made some fried rice for tea.

Fried Rice

I've discovered a TV show called Alan Bennett's Talking Heads on the BBC, and I've seen few. It's a bit of an odd show to be watching in what still feels like a lockdown, if a bit gentler. Each episode is a monologue and the characters' stories unfold over four or five different scenes. Each character is a bit odd, or unscrupulous, or out of control, or exploited, or something else odd and human. I'm not especially familiar with Alan Bennett but I'm enjoying these stories.

Not much else to report today. My foot is off the gas. It's going to be hot tomorrow, but, all the Zipcars are taken. I could do with another swim.