COVID-19 Journal: Day 121

I mostly had a haircut today. It was nice to see Laura again after about two inches and a pandemic. The salon was less crowded and stylists were wearing Face Shields and those aprons so thin I'm not sure why they're helpful. There was sanitiser around and when I sat down, she explained that everything was vary clean etc. She admired her own work, which made me laugh. I reminded her of my previous cut -- one of the best -- and asked for something similar. 

When Laura and I first met, I visited her because the salon is near my office. We didn't gel that first time. She asked me brusque questions about something I'd never heard of, let alone know how to spell. It sounded like ballyaahhjj? It's something to do with colour, which I definitely do not know the jargon around, and, being the sensitive flower I am, I got embarrassed and clammed up. Fast forward to today, probably about three years on, and she and I are talking as we enjoy doing, and she wishes she could give me a big hug when I tell her what's happened to the company. I wish that too. I told her it was OK to be on my own and I've been living like that for years and it's liberating to be as independent as you like and but really it's hard when there's something happening that's So Big it affects everyone on Earth and then there's another thing So Big it effects everyone on Earth and how it would be good to be someone's person for it. But I'm not lonely honest. She's been through a big transition too; rest, helping herself and her health over the last three months, and seeing a bonafide transition, thanks to a miraculous kinesiologist. It's nice. We get along. And she cuts good hair. 




Before seeing her, I'd gone for a massive loop of a walk in the lovely day. I was (barely) listening to that Labyrinth story for about two hours. I have no idea what's going on and cannot recount a single event that happened in the time I listened to it today. Luckily, I spent a credit on Alan Bennett's Stories yesterday. Looking back, I have no idea why I chose to spend my ear time like that. Maybe I was enjoying the walk out and about my fellow humans that I wouldn't have listened to Alan either. I doubt it.

I stopped at Tesco on the walk home. Got dinner. Chicken thighs, salad stuff, soda water, blueberries, raspberries, Rice Krispies, leg lamb steaks (for another time). Chicken was tasty, thanks to my new best spice friend, Ras el Hanout, which makes the skin crispy too. Watched a not-hard-hitting interview of Mumbling Cheeto Fascist by a Fox journalist called Chris Wallace. It was more like soft play, and apparently Mumbling Cheeto Fascist's main talking point is to stir up fear of The Radical Left. Yet another public justification for extending the shit that's going down in Portland, and threatened in Chicago, and other "Democrat-run" cities.

Now I'm watching Hamilton for the first time.