COVID-19 Journal: Day 122

Hmm. Interesting. I've had this tab open and hidden for maybe an hour? That's a first. Normally I just start and something comes out, but, I was hesitating before because I was trying to prepare a joke but it wasn't interesting. I am quite neutral today. I'll press on and see what happens.

There's a gorgeous but determined vine that grows up the back wall. The beautiful purple is on the underside of the leaves. What a magic evolutionary surprise. It does grow up actually, not especially
across, so that makes sense. Nice to tidy the garden a bit in the sun.

I think we're going to be OK. I can get Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Biscuits no problem.

I'll make sure I do something interesting tomorrow, like, leave the house. Two friends mentioned they are overwhelmed at the moment, and I know some more who are but who I didn't chat with today. I am not. 

I wrote a useful letter today. I may not send it. But, I realised some new thoughts through the act of writing, so that was well worth it. Had good leftovers for lunch, quite late. I did some more data mudlarking around arts & culture orgs and arts & culture charities. Not much to report, since it's still observation mode, although I did spot one reporting expenses of about £20M which was a very large charitable tenancy arrangement cash shifts surrounding a building and its tenants thingy. Well-trodden ground for those in the know, don't you think? Wondering if I might be able to find a small pot of money to work with it properly for a bit. Enjoying thinking about where to cast some lines for new and interesting things to work on.