COVID-19 Journal: Day 123

All my 'am I really this dull' fears were tossed out the window today! Slept in, no yoga!, jam on toast, watered the garden (which is my favourite new morning thing to do), faffed around, did some work. Then, the fun began!

Went to Borough Market to meet Claire for lunch. ATE FRIED CHICKEN.

Also had cheeky DAY BEER. And, we're sitting at a RESTAURANT. There was no cutlery, but, fine.

Then we wandered around the market a bit. Still amazed and frustrated by some people's style of movement, and by style of movement, I mean, complete oblivion to the whole pandemic issue. 

Of course I was charmed by the man who was in charge of more Comté cheese than is reasonable, so of course I had to get some. Also got some cherries, apparently straight from the farm, and a little loaf of rosemary bread. Had that in mind for dinner, but then even more fun stuff happened.

I had gelati. Hazelnut and cherry. Some dickheads apparently followed the one-way rules in the shop and then gathered about one metre from the exit to eat their sweets? 

The lady who served me did it with panache

I had to leave then to do a work call. That was good, mostly. Not a bad first bite for a potential new project.

Then I went back to the allotment to do some watering. It was late afternoon, and I rode through a chilled Victoria Park, with mown grass and mellow groups lazing in the warm sunshine. I might go back there one afternoon for some lolling. It was lovely.

Here's what I picked before I watered!


Whopper zucchinis. Foot for scale.

I ate those blackberries immediately. (Sorry, Katy.) When I picked the first few, there was a bee inside one. I squealed and dropped them all, glad I didn't stick a bee in my gob. Picked them up again and stuck them in my gob looking at the clouds. DELISH. I've never done that before. Pandemic first? 

Rode back through the warm early evening and WENT TO THE PUB. Had a couple of beers and DINNER MADE BY SOMEONE ELSE.

Now I'm on the couch, yawning, watching Masterchef with a cat on me, writing this. Cracker.