COVID-19 Journal: Day 127

I've forgotten whatever I did this morning. But then I had friends over! We grilled. We ate. We chatted. The all important chatting we've all been missing. Well, I sure as hell have anyway. We even made future plans. They involve a Zipcar though, so better get cracking reserving one.

I thought we were stuffed for a second as a giant downpour popped by about 15 mins before we were going to meet. 

The ship took on a little water

I think it was Samin Nosrat who said to give the people you invite over for a meal jobs to do. My guests today are both excellent cooks, so I decided to just make up lunch with them at my picnic table. Barebones veg (including beans I picked yesterday) and kitchen supplies. Chris brought some excellent chorizo and courgette from his garden. It was fun!


Yumiko made a delicious tahini/yoghurt dressing

Chris barbied ably after excellent veg chopping and wine opening

I mean basically I did fuck all

And then got cake

I'd been circling a holiday or even two at the end of August but they both got flattened today sadly, but for good safe virus-y reasons. Looks like I'll have to stay local. Better that than getting the virus (or spreading it).