COVID-19 Journal: Day 129

New York Times homepage, 28 July, about 3pm GMT

I enjoyed Chairman Jerrold Nadler's opening gambit at the House Judicial Committee session on Oversight of the Department of Justice and in particular, US Attorney General Barr. I thought to myself, YES. We have someone calling out in plain and clear language the odd descent of the DoJ into President pillowing, which is obviously NOT OK. 

After Nadler's opening, a Mr, Jordan came up with a slurry of anecdotal he said then he said business intended to discredit the Obama/Biden administration but ultimately just being pretty unsatisfying. He arranged to play a video which was basically footage of "the world against the police", footage of all the peaceful protests across the country which had become less peaceful because the police were too intense. The whole thing played like a bizarre propaganda film from history. Jordan's and Barr's opening statements were literally the opposite of how I've been observing and absorbing the situation(s) over there.  Of course they didn't mention that Breonna Taylor's murderers have not been arrested yet.

It felt oddly mundane when, during the "save the police with more law and order" video, there was a Zoom buddy captured, at the top of the screen, who was watching and drinking from her large striped coffee mug as she also watched this obviously one-sided video footage of how the poor police across the country have been abused by the angry mobs etc etc. Zoe Lofgren then decloaked as a member of the committee that was on the side of RIP BARR A NEW ONE, as she stated that this whole bullshit Nixon repeat of Law and Order president was a smokescreen for the utter mishandling of the pandemic, etc.

Anyway. I won't do a good job of explaining this because it's nearly midnight and I've had a few beers. This feels like an important day in US politics. It's bloody complex, but I was shocked at the opening of the hearing and the language used that was the direct opposite of what I believe is going on.

PS - Office packing (and chucking) is progressing. Had a barbie/dinner in the garden with Bex.