COVID-19 Journal: Day 131

I am making my very short-term dream come true. Somebody must have cancelled their Zipcar and I swung in at the last possible moment and am now going to lie around at a beach tomorrow, just like old times. I hope I can find a patch that isn't ludicrous like Bournemouth was last time. It feels like Cummings really screwed the pooch when he went to that castle to test his eyesight that time. Let's just say I hope I'm not just sitting in a hot car for 10 hours.

We did the majority of the office cleanup today. I have more of the stuff at my place now, thanks to some righteous packing Tetris and Charlie's trusty Honda JAZZ. I'll sort it out later. So that's just about done - it should all be settled next week with keys and rent and all that. Neither Charlie nor I can think of a good way to celebrate, so it might be a barbie at my place. But hey, I love barbies at my place, so.

Here's a building cover in graffiti that we drove past today:

If I don't write a post one day, don't panic, she tells herself.