COVID-19 Journal: Day 138

Hmm... sliding off the daily thing might be a problem. I can barely remember what I did yesterday to recount. Or is it recant.

I do remember I went to the Museum in a Box office to hand over the keys and -- subliminally or no -- forgot the keys. That was annoying. I had to go back today. Still wondering if I should bring home the wheelie chair because shit-home-ergo config, but that's tricky on a bike. I've been dreaming about renting a car for the month, which turns out to be about the same price as a week. That way I can pick up chairs, visit friends in the ass end of London (hello Astra), and escape to the ocean when I want to. I'll probably do it with all the money I've saved from not eating out or pubbing. Hell, maybe I'll go to YORKSHIRE. I bet the sculpture park isn't busy.

Have you ever made strawberry cake? No, I hadn't either until yesterday. I served it for dessert at dinner with Charlie, Laura and Elliot. It was delicious. I love strawberry shortcake more though. Have never tried to make it. Should try to make it.

Today I've been to the office. I didn't get much sleep, and am tired, but also working on an exciting application for a thing which would be excellent with my tired mind. It's one of those things that sort of becomes a shell game when you get down to time vs money. You're in a spreadsheet of humans who all cost what they cost and you have a target number and you change the human numbers to get the big number to a not-frightening place and before you know it you've crushed the humans' well-being like this styrofoam cup that was too far under water to hold its form:
Nautilius Live

So, we'll see about that. Cross your fingers.

Tomorrow is going to be a billion degrees, but not as hot as the middle of an ammonia nitrate explosion, which I now understand the effects of, especially when there's 2,750 tons of it going off in a warehouse.


I should get back to work.

My favourite thing on the internet today is ImprovBot.AI which my friend Melissa made. There's no Edinburgh Festival this year because pandemic, so she scraped up the last few years of programs and made an AI write a program for this year. It's funny and thick.

E.g. here's an event:
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