COVID-19 Journal: Day 142

I have had to work today, so no adventures to report, as such, except that the application for The Thing is in, and, I got stuck in gnarly traffic in Stoke Newington. Oh, and I've generated a total of seven reference numbers during a three-day interaction with the council. I'm trying to get a parking permit but their website says no on that feature at the moment


That's when the barf of IDs started, and we're now at seven. Computers love IDs. I now have a family of them. Can't wait to talk to the human and tell them my ID story. 

  • ESES00010333
  • IZ15351582
  • FI-2727914
  • ESES00010652
  • IZ15351800
  • 15107249
  • 15106215

That's the curse and joy of an interaction designer who's also a metadata enthusiast. They're not going to know what's hit them. I wonder if there's a best customer award.

When I was a kid, my brother called me a dolphin. Being Australian, we grew up on the beach, in the ocean and on the sand. If we went to the Cunningham's, I'd jump in their pool the second I arrived, and get out the second before we had to leave. Sometimes my feet would even be a bit sore from pushing off the wall so many times. I absolutely loved to swim. I even used to swim in the bath when I was a very little kid. Just from one end to the other, somehow.

Sadly, when I hit my late teens, early twenties, I stopped swimming. I became too self-conscious about my body. I was timid and rarely swum, especially if friends were around. It was OK with family though, and Mum and Dad had a pool at their place in Mitcham. It was a ridiculous tragedy. 

But, FUCK THAT, my forties have decided. I COULDN'T GIVE A SHIT what people think. I'm SO PLEASED. Hence the various beach adventures and increasing positivity. I have officially stopped worrying about that. It struck me as I wandered from my towel to the beers in my bathers yesterday and didn't give it a second thought. I love that my bathers are on the back stoop drying. I love that I got a 3/3 buying some new bathers the other day. That is absolutely a pandemic first, and a life first. I found these great reversible ones too - that's at least four combos!

I could worry about how different my life may have been if I hadn't worried about all that, but, I'm too high on Vitamin D and salt to do that today. And, can't wait to get back to the beach tomorrow! YEAH! I do wish slightly that I was on a Grecian or Spanish beach, but, that'll have to wait.

My favourite thing on the internet today was going back to a place I hadn't visited in ages and finding two new gifts waiting. It's the two latest instalments in the Happily archives by Sabrina Orah Mark, in The Paris Review. It's the only thing on the internet I easily read from top to toe without realising it.