COVID-19 Journal: Day 149

Apparently The Devil used to frolic in Surrey. It was his playground. He had parties there, and liked to serve punch. Or wait, was it that he battled with Thor across the hills and downs, and used to hurl balls of earth at the god of thunder, leaving quite the divot in a high point near the South Downs. 

It may well have been neither of these things, but Rachel and I went exploring there yesterday after an average vegetarian lasagne and chips at a pub. Yes, a pub. One which was on top of the distancing business altogether. We sat outside in the gentle spotty rain, and ate far too much (garlic bread! chips! wine!) for a 10km walk. I don't know what I was thinking. And let's just say I leapt at the loo once we got back to the car park. We did spot Sadiq and his entire clan including Dad (possibly?) wandering the way we'd come on our way out. He said hi. I giggled, I think?

This was a monument to an unknown murdered sailor. The three murderers were hung on a gibbet up the hill for three years.

And now, I'm having a restful day with mint tea and my favourites of the Harry Potter movies and some Fruit & Nut, trying not to think about the next thing. Mink suggested I try for an Enid Blyton summer of adventures, so that's what I'm doing. as I understand it, that means searching for ginger beer and lashings of ham and adventuring? Scheming about where to zoom away to for a night here or there now that the hot weather has disappeared. Fun rain last night, wasn't it? I was driving at the time and had to crawl along it was heavy as you like. I sat in the car for a bit once I'd arrived home. I love that sound, from inside a car.