COVID-19 Journal: Day 195

 Last Sunday I fancied cake. I didn't want to leave the house so looked in the cupboard to see what I could make. I only had one egg, so did that thing where you get reassured by the fact that lots of other humans have probably looked for chocolate cake no egg and something's turned up. The unfortunately named Chocolate Depression Cake came up and looked simple and I had the stuff so I baked it.

Let's just say eggs make cakes better.

I have a slice in front of me now. The Chocolate Depression Cake been keeping on my counter for the week under a tea towel and that's fine. I've got most of the kitchen stuff I need, perhaps except a gravy boat and a cake tin, and the tea towel is fine. The cake is not/was not ever particularly moist anyway. I heard someone on a video the other day somewhere say that all this Zooming is like empty calories. You just spend all day eating Doritos. I've never been a calorie counter, thankfully, so I don't quite understand what empty calories are, but I imagine it's a bit like my Chocolate Depression Cake. I added some mixed nuts to mine which I roughly chopped up. They're a definitely enhancement. I find cakes made with oil can be a bit bland - I like the richness eggs give you. So, goodbye, Chocolate Depression Cake. I should see the back of you in a day or two, unless I decide today is the day for four slices of you. 

This has suddenly reminded me of one of my favourite Joni Mitchell love songs, Case of You.

After some several weeks of my dilettante renaissance, I have to do some actual work. It's been quite a shake, but I'm enjoying it. Have started a great small contract to support the workings of a new and interesting fund out of the National Lottery, and am bidding for a big old thing with a big old institution, which I'd love to do. Oh, that, and we are going ahead with Batch No. 2 of Museum in a Box, and have already gotten orders for nine bloody boxes, all of will be heading to the USA in the suddenly possibly not horrific aftermath of the presidential election? I think one my favourite older clever women here said it best: