COVID-19 Journal: Day 207

It's probably the times we find ourselves in, and perhaps a factor of my age, and likely caused by the fact that I'm about 67% Lady of Leisure, but I'm more engaged in politics that I ever have been. Particularly US politics at the moment, where we find ourselves watching what's apparently already a fait accompli in the form of a "confirmation hearing" of Amy Coney Barrett (because the sliding Republicans still hold the senate majority and majority 12-10 on the committee). I'm currently sitting at my desk, listening to Ted Cruz preaching and occasionally looking at Barrett. Given the moment he and we find ourselves in, I guess it's no surprise that most of the senators performing at the hearing are actually giving something like Vote For Me speeches. Especially given Judge Barrett is already in.

Prime Minister's Questions continue to be ridiculous. Boris' main "rebuttal" appears to be asking why Keir Starmer won't be his friend. I heard two young English women saying how attractive they thought Starmer was the other day. He's not my thinking woman's crumpet, but at least he's... direct?

I kept my goals for today short, and here's what I have "achieved". 

  • Woke early with full bladder. 
  • Fixed that. Went back to bed until it was light.
  • Had breakfast while listening the radio and reading news.
  • Showered. Washed hair
  • Changed outfits several times. Am attempting to dress a bit more smartly. Just a bit, mind.
  • Caught 73 to Regent's Park. 
  • Walked past Honey & Co but didn't go in. They do a magnificent dessert but I've forgotten what it is. I went there once, just for the dessert, and couldn't finish it. "You should always leave the table wanting more" is one of those things Mum said that someone else always said, but I can remember who started it.
  • Walked around tiny weeny Frieze Sculpture thing. Always love a Gavin Turk. He's my favourite YBA.
  • Had pain au raisin, intimidated by park pigeon snack mafia.
  • Watched park gardener directedly toss a billion bulbs in a bed. Not random like Monty Don, exactly. He was definitely aiming and filling gaps. I was very tempted to ask if he'd donate a few into my empty pain au raisin packet but I chickened out.
  • Walked back to bus stop. Caught bus. Was in best bus seat in both directions.
  • Got off the bus to visit Flowers of Islington to get some chrysanthemums because the Japanese 72 Seasons reminded me that as the morning and evening get their definite chill, chrysanthemums are at their best. I'm looking at my five yellow-y peach-y numbers now. 
  • Got home at noon!?
  • Did work. (Ordering more stuff for Batch No. 2, crafting an email, designing a form, sending an agreement, preparing invoices, sending purchase orders.)
  • Read some of my growing magazine stash: Gayletter, American Chordata, Anxy, Archer. I'm really, really enjoying the way magazines quench my thirst for short-form interesting variegated inputs. These four are summarily about gay desire, poetry, mental health, sexuality, gender identity, and prose. American Chordata is my new favourite. I also love the way they help you discover where to leap next. There are so many places to leap.
  • Then what. Umm.
  • Went to the shop to try on some shoes I'd been leering at for ages. They fit! They are now on my feet. I took two other pairs of shoes to the shoe repair shop (where two family members, the patriarch and his son) perished due to the virus, back in March/April. The grandson runs the place now. I caught him late in the day just as he was about to light a ciggie outside, and he took my order with his rolly stuck in his mouth (unlit) and as I left I said enjoy your ciggie because I bet he was going to and I should know because I smoked for 20 years. And yes, I've been thinking about smoking. That's what happens when you're 67% Lady of Leisure.
  • I had leakfast at about 3:30 I think? An egg and two rashers of bacon on light rye, and some orange juice. Then a cup of tea and two little biscuits with sesame seeds on, as I began to watch Day 3 of Judge Barrett's hearing. She definitely comes across as knowing the law, and how to communicate about it. But the WHOLE SITUATION IS JUST FUCKED AND RUSHED AND ABNORMAL. A Republican yesterday tried to say this was normal because of the amount of days after Barrett was nominated until the hearing was about average. He neglected to mention the election is on November the 3rd. Luckily, the Democrats said the last time this sort of rush happened was when Lincoln was president. Barrett has testified under solemn oath she has not been approached or ordered by any Republicans to perform a certain way in the Republicans' ongoing quest to destroy the Affordable Care Act, the timing of which is also especially galling given the pandemic (and that at least 20 million people will lose their health insurance if the ACA is killed).
  • So here we are.