COVID-19 Journal: Day 229

Yesterday, November the fourth, I rose and delayed tuning into the world. Normally, I'd flip the radio on when I get to the kitchen, before I put the kettle on. But yesterday I didn't. I made coffee, and toast with butter and strawberry jam. I sat in my kitchen spot, and cracked open the news.

It wasn't the blue landslide people like me were expecting or hoping for. It was closer than it should be. In the slew of information, I saw Bernie Sanders talking to Jimmy Fallon, and he basically described what's happening. The impeached fascist sexual predator Cheeto is predictably thrashing, but he sounds so pathetic. White people in Pennsylvania are shouting to Stop Counting the Vote! When is that ever a thing? Now I have Sky News on in the background as I sit about to start work. Watching how the impeached fascist sexual predator Cheeto is trying to challenge his own democracy is telling.

For extra fun, today is the day that England enters the second lockdown. I don't care and don't resist. I'll do whatever I'm told to try to help my fellow woman. (See how weird that sounds when you say woman, not man?) Well, that's what it's like for women, men. GET WITH IT. 

I plan to lean into Lockdown II. This morning I had a long, hot shower. Yesterday, I got my bike serviced. I have two sticks of butter. My cheese horde is the envy of the Dutch. I bought some nice-smelling oil you put sticks in to make a nice smell. I have lots of candles. I may well bubble with my lovely neighbours so we can keep having Sunday roasts, mostly. I wish I'd bought some nice coloured pencils before today, but no matter - I've started a tiny thing making wrapping paper or cards for friends if I happen to be able to give them something. Here are the two samples from examples I've made so far. They are not especially complex, but are pleasurable and time-consuming (in the good way) to make:

I remain hopeful about the USA. When the voter data comes in, I suspect we’ll see the polarisation is between old and new, not red and blue. If that’s how it turns, that’s hope, acknowledgement of how repugnant it is that a racist, tax-dodging sexual predator got so far, and unabiding action by younger folks. 

(Yes, I still count myself as younger folk.)