Sam I am not.

I have a friend called Sam. Once she said to me "But, I don't want the only redeeming feature about me to be that i'm funny!! What else is there???"

On the spot, and in desperation to be supportive and yet, not lie through my teeth, I failed to come up with anything apart from good at throwing things (for a girl), snappy dresser, pretty smile... Her funniness just continues to shine through so brightly, almost like a solar flare burning straight through your SOUL, that I certainly can't see anything else. And I don't know about you, but if my friends aren't funny, they may as well piss off.

Perhaps it's just me that giggles in front of the screen reading this, but if you're interested, she keeps a tour diary for her band's website.

How i ended up in Hawaii, by Sam Lohs.