The seven biggies.

In the interests of moving that poop post down a bit, here's some more stuff.

I had dinner with Debra the Unitarian chaplain last night. It had been a while since i'd seen her, and we always have interesting chats. Last night was no different.

It's nice to have a friend who's a theologian - particularly because i'm about as close as an atheist as you can get. Topics tossed amongst the beef rendang included:
  • what is "the prophetic voice",
  • why does this Jesus character exist if all he has become thanks to history is the embodiment of a story,
  • how can the many world faiths/spiritualities actually work together to do what they say they do (aka: be nice),
  • the Unitarian faith emerged in Transylvania in 1563 in the Reformation alonside the Baptists and some other choice faiths,
  • what did you do over Christmas?,
  • Mexico and a cool place you can rent with 6 friends for $1000 a month,
  • Australia and where the good surf spots are and what it was like to see my friends, and
  • many more.

It's nice.