"Want to hear the REAL barbeque stopper out here in ordinary Australia?"

I have oft commented to my North American friends about the complete lack of Australian news over here. It was a bit of a shock when I left Australia just after the most recent Iraq war had been declared in March 2003... back home, our Prime Minister continued to trumpet our level of importance within a cosy triumvirate fighting the war against terror. He assured us that we were right up there with the US and UK, even though we we only seemed to be contributing about 0.0001 of the resources to the campaign. This turned out to be quite a long way from the North American perspective.

Now that I am ensconced in news North American, I occasionally read Australian news online to see what's to do back there. In my readings, I was really pleased to discover that Margo Kingston keeps a web diary. For those of you who don't know, Ms. Kingston is a rare forthright journalist who doesn't appear to be afraid of saying anything, and has a broad but detailed knowledge of everything that's going on. Her style is refreshingly honest, questioning and intelligent with a focus on exposure and criticism.

Read on - Margo Kingston's Web Diary for the Sydney Morning Herald , and her book's companion website: Not Happy, John.