Tour guide.

You can tell a lot about cities by how loud their emergencies are. You might hear a bell tolled or the shout of FIRE! in Egg Harbour, WI. In San Francisco, CA, you hear the bloody loud engine sirens from at least 6 miles away. I'm not sure whether that means people are too busy to notice various emergencies, or whether it means people love their cars and have the music so loud they wouldn't notice unless the siren was much, much louder than they are.

The Caltrain is on Orange Alert at the moment as well. There are big ol' German Shepherd doggies that wander through the carriages alongside armed sheriffs before we leave downtown. I have to admit I always wonder if I have anything incriminating on me. The doggy this morning approached a smiling lady as if to say PAT ME.

If that were me, I would have pooped my pants.