Report from the city.

After leaping from a many-storied building, I appear to have landed on my feet. From one country to another, I seem to have:
  • found a lovely place to live, right in the heart of it
  • gathered a lovely cushion of friendly people that look out for me
  • found a barbeque
  • been connected to a nice chap who has moved in to the lovely place
  • seen more of the city, thanks to catching weird bus lines and driving the odd rental through unknown territory
  • managed to have reasonable conversations with hard-core democrats about US politics
  • continued to read books
  • (nice chap has) acquired a television (step 2 in US assimilation)
  • had several more visitors in 5 short months than I ever had in Vankie
  • found a good breakfast joint
  • games/bbq night!
Things on my To Do list:
  • find the perfect hairstylist, since I am (finally) over the whole whacky get-my-hair-cut-in-chinatown-adventure thing
  • throw my first housewarming bash
  • purchase automobile (final step in US assimilation)
  • take more photos of the city
  • explore california
  • take a writing short course at 826 Valencia
  • get more kitchen stuff for all the bbqs/dinner party extravaganzas (i've missed that more than I realised - a favourite thing: hearing sparkling conversation, seeing smiles in my house over yummy food
  • see the Grand Canyon
  • find peace with my commute
  • meet more people who aren't computery (think actor, florist, baker...) it's very computery here, and everyone knows everyone. I meet people who've already been to my house - that's weird.
All that and a trip back home for Christmas?

Happy girl.