Attention Economy.

Just occasionally, I wonder to myself how many people in the world may be farting at the same time, or swallowing, or giving birth etc.

Today I wonder how many people are unwrapping their very own brand new surrogate vagina iPhones.

It's not like tickets to the opening of Star Wars III. It's buying a thing - albeit a sexy one. Wii, iPhone... be the first (or second) to buy this thing just so you have it.

Seems weird.

By the way, the Attention Economy is a somewhat scary term for the way that money is being attached to your eyeballs.

Perhaps Apple and other select mega-brands have managed to design a way to capture your attention entirely through abuse of the cardinal vices - or a few of them - greed, lust, pride, envy, idolatry, sloth.

Now that's marketing.