November 18, 2005.

On this day, I issued a report from the city. It stated that I'd done fairly well landing in my new home (San Francisco), but that there were still some things to do.

Here's the To-Do list from way back when, and updates:
  • Find the perfect hairstylist, since I am (finally) over the whole whacky get-my-hair-cut-in-chinatown-adventure thing - Clare? You're wonderful. After two or three hairdos, I finally took the plunge and had the cut that I saw on MUNI one day. It's been well over the desirable 6 weeks, but I don't give a stuff.

  • Throw my first housewarming bash - that's an old, old strikethrough. In fact, I now have a reputation as the hostess of Bacon Camp. I appear to have pricked a hole in the space-breakfast continuum by buying proper bacon, wrapping things in it and throwing on the barbie, at any time of day.

  • Purchase automobile (final step in US assimilation) - Not sure why this was on my list, but BOY! Did I ever buy a car???!?!

  • Take more photos of the city - And yet, ever more. And now I have about 700% more cameras than I did when I arrived here.

  • Explore California - Not doing too badly, but, it's a big place.

  • Take a writing short course at 826 Valencia - This I have not done. In fact, I have not done anywhere near enough stuff that is something other than work. Sometimes I catch myself wondering who the hell I am apart from a chump who thinks of little else than the state of worky things.

  • Get more kitchen stuff for all the bbqs/dinner party extravaganzas (i've missed that more than I realised - a favourite thing: hearing sparkling conversation, seeing smiles in my house over yummy food - I wouldn't say I have all the kitchen stuff I could ever possible need want, but I did buy a big-ass roasting pan a while back. That's a keeper.

  • See the Grand Canyon - Not yet. Except from a variety of aeroplanes, but that doesn't count.

  • Find peace with my commute - Well, I never really did that either, but, that's because we were very lucky. No commute for me anymore, since work moved downtown. I continue to hope that people who live more than 40 miles from where they work somehow end up not having to do that anymore. Whatever way you slice that 4 hours a day, it's crap.

  • Meet more people who aren't computery (think actor, florist, baker...) it's very computery here, and everyone knows everyone. I meet people who've already been to my house - that's weird. - Not doing too badly. I've been here almost two years!! There are nice people here.

I think I'm catching up on what the hell I've been doing lately because a) my memory is truly horrendous and b) I'm going home to Australia in September and I have to have something to say.