COVID-19 Journal: Day 126

It was height of the English Summer today, I think? Spent a quiet morning before heading to the allotment to do some weeding. Everything that's not veg has sprung just as well as the veg. I'd known all week it was going to be wet, but how bad could it be?

Rode over. Stopped off at the cafe that's nearby in a tent and picked up a cheese muffin and a donut and... get this... some pickled beetroot. I love it. Can't be bothered making it.

Now when I go to the allotment I do a quick survey of everything. Today, I did it while eating a cheese muffin. There was chard and beans and blackberries and another cucumber. 

I didn't hear my bike fall over because of Alan. Windy.

I left half of ripe things for Katy - it's her plot, after all! I wanted to clear the paths of weeds, and get a start on some of the weedy beds. So that's just what I did. I was listening to Alan Bennett tell me stories the whole time. My ass was in the air when the first rain shower came. Loved it. It's that English drizzle that isn't soaking. Stopped and started weeding here and there over the next couple of hours... I'd sit on the little deck area to rest, but, there isn't shelter there yet. The rain got pretty heavy, so I went to stand in the tiny shed. 

I was hiding just inside in the shed looking at my phone when the shed door flew open for the world to see. There was a man walking down the path towards me - must have been an amusing sight. I gave up, and rode home. I enjoyed riding slowly in the rain-that-doesn't-soak - hardly anyone was out. I'm now watching Out of Africa.

That's about it. No current affairs. Oh, except America is officially fucked. “This is not creeping authoritarianism,” Ms. Kristiansen said. “The authoritarianism is here.”